I am writing this in the middle of a semi lock-down in Ireland due to Covid 19, but I really hope this could be of help to anybody, anytime.

The aim is to help you…

Yes, the one hiding in your little zoom square hoping not to be noticed or forced to contribute.

For you, the one that has been thrown into this, who feels really uncomfortable,

Also, for you, the one with no choice but to be there.


But people look so confident!


For some of us may be a bit easier. We are more used to be “in public”: training, mentoring or managing a team.

But we all are very much beginners in this new way of working.

As presenters on webinars and meetings, we may look so confident and in control when in Zoom.

Just let me tell you a secret.

There is a good bit of performance going on. We are trying to look calm. But underneath we are hoping for all of this to work okay.

Constantly checking microphones, videos, comments while presenting is not an easy task. We are very much like a swan gliding through the surface but paddling like crazy underneath.


Back to you

This is about you, the one not liking this at all, or the one that wish to be able to speak up in your meeting or webinar.

It seems that everybody is so confident and have so much to say.

Even writing a comment seems like a daunting task as everybody can see (you can do a message privately to someone by the way). Your head goes: what if I make a mistake? Or is this a silly question?

All that, and more, is going on in your head, at a time that is enough going on already.

Please give yourself a break, be kind and keep things in perspective. Zoom is just a tool, and not for everybody.

Even though it seems that you are the only one not enjoying it.


For this reason, here is my quick guide for you:

I have identified  two types of not Zoom lovers:

  • I am happy to go along but do not expect much from me
  • I am really overwhelmed in the zoom meetings but would really like to be more confident and contribute.


Let see them in more detail:


1- I am happy to go along but do not expect much from me. Guide.


  • That is fine. No problem at all, tell that to yourself.
  • If you fancy a topic, go to the webinar, just be there, sitting comfortable in your box.
  • Get to know the tool well, how to mute your mic and video, and choose how you want to appear.
  • There is no rule that says that you need to contribute with questions or comments.
  • If the presenter makes you uncomfortable with “and now let’s hear what you all think about this. We will start with Mary”. Then make a decision.  If it is not for you make sure you know where the exit button is (leave meeting is on the bottom right corner by the way!)
  • If you leave, do not feel bad about it, in fact, is never been easier to leave a session or a conference.


Now, if this is work, things are a bit different.  You may have to be there.


One of your options is letting the person in charge know that you are still getting used to this new setting. Ask if is possible not to be put on the spot and that you will send your comments or suggestions privately after the meeting.


2- I am really overwhelmed in the zoom meetings but would really like to be more confident and contribute. Guide.


  • First task is to get to know the tool. Do some training if possible. There is a good basic one on linked in. Here is the link:
  • https://www.linkedin.com/learning/learning-zoom/stay-connected-with-zoom-meetings
  • Practice with a friend or family member: write comments, share screens, use all the features you have available.
  • Join a session of a topic of real interest for you. To start, just listen and enjoy the content, no pressure to say anything.
  • Maybe send a thank you message at the end of the event.
  • Build your confidence slowly, we are all in this together (literally).


You may not build your own webinar in a couple of days. But I am sure that, if you start slowly, you will be able to enjoy the experience a bit more. You will share your views and opinions that are as important, clever and creative as anyone else’s.


So Keeeeep Zooming!,… or not!!

Please let me know your comments of suggestions privately…  if you wish