It’s been a very different year. I would like to be positive and make this year count helping you create proper resolutions in life and career.


New Year’s resolutions give us a blank page. It is our choice how well we use it. And the experience, over the last few months, it’s maybe what we needed to focus and redefine those resolutions.


We cannot ignore what has happened


One positive is that we had a bit more time to think, we did slow down a bit. Let’s use this new knowledge to our advantage.


The pandemic may have interfered with your 2020 resolutions so that is a good way to start. Let’s think. Are there still things pending to achieve? Are they no longer relevant?


Once you have identified some areas to work on make sure these are your resolutions. Sometimes there are many voices in our head telling us to do things. Maybe family members or work colleagues. Be critical and question is if this is really what you want to do? Or what you are supposed to do. Be wary of anything that feels a bit uncomfortable just thinking about it.


Positive framing


Framing your resolution in a positive way is important. It will help to reach your goal. For example, saying “I can’t stay another day in my current job” we are not sure of your goal. But if you say “This year I will change my job in a role within financial services” is very different. We know the goal, it’s clear, specific and positive.


Resolutions are active entities


At some point you may realise that your initial goal is not really what you want to do. This is part of the process of setting actions in the first place. It will bring clarity of what is your real objective. For that reason, is a good idea to check and assess them periodically.


Action plan


It’s not enough with just listing your goals for the New Year. We need an action plan to be able to achieve them. If your goal is big, divide into manageable steps or tasks, and add dates to be completed. Crossing them off will give you a sense of moving forward while keeping you on track.


To tell or not to tell


Most experts agree on getting a support group around your goals. Sharing, talking about what you are going to do it’s another way to keep you on track. But can also add to the pressure of achieving them. Not everybody is comfortable sharing goals, and that is okay too. So, it is up to you to decide what is best in your case.


My last bit of advice would be to be kind to yourself. Be realistic in what you want to achieve. You will be faced with challenges and maybe some failures. Please celebrate any small success moving forward into your goal.


To end I would like to mention all the ones out there that do not want to make New Year’s resolutions. As everything in life, this is not for everybody. As well as it is okay to create a new goal in the middle of July.



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